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Hi, Thanks for the add!
Here's a review i wrote about a week ago for an online music blog, hope you like it :)

(Not So) Guilty Pleasures: Hue and Cry: Remote.

Everyone remembers Glasgow's brotherly duo Pat and Greg Kane for their '86 hit "Labour Of Love" but this album is the one that really holds up for me, along with its impeccable production, its also lyrically and musically sophisticated, but fun too, never becoming self consciously chin strokingly serious or muso about their aims.
The first single release, the brilliantly quirky, slightly bollywoodesque sitar pop classic Ordinary Angel missed the top 40 but it's musically (if not lyrically) bland follow up Looking For Linda made the top twenty as did Violently, the sublime third single. In fact, despite being it's best known tune, "...Linda" is the most featureless song here, far better are the unexpected chord changes and the exhilarating, busy, buzzing, quirky horn stabs in Guy On The Wall that fill the track with a manic funky kinetic energy....
Yes, Funky, you heard that right! Damn funky, truth be told...
Elsewhere, Violently was a gorgeous floating ballad with a stratospherically exquisite Burt Bacharach style trumpet solo. The Only Thing... is an understated jazzy meander which picks up pace towards the end and Dollar William is a piano led upbeat tale full of unexpected melodic turns and the title track and closing track Family Of Eyes are reflective ballads which end the album on a downbeat and slightly disappointing note... It would have been better to have finished on the sublime Where We Wish To Remain, an amazingly effective smoky jazz song reminiscent in vibe to Cowboys and Angels by George Michael which came out two years later, with lots of space between the notes and some strange but not unwelcome oboe-style keys towards the end.

A few filler tracks (Under Neon and Three Foot Blasts Of Fire are solid if unessential) bulk up the running time unobtrusively but the best track is undoubtedly the magnificently swirling Sweet Invisibility.
Released as the fourth single from the album in slightly remixed form it tanked spectacularly in the charts but that is no indicator of its abundant quality, three sharp beats ushering us into this melodic maelstrom of myriad twists and turns, slithering saxes and twisty bassline set against compelling lyrics and an incredibly detailed and complex descending and ascending melody line with all kinds of mad stuff hidden in the background (great on headphones) and a gorgeous unexpected key change towards the's a song that grows with every listen, as does most of this lovely little underrated gem of an album that is one of those rare things, an eighties album that doesn't sound dated. For the deluxe reissue released a few years back they even rerecorded the whole thing with a contemporary twist! Well worth checking out but the original lp remains the definitive article.
Remote? Yes but beautifully so...

Top tracks:
Sweet Invisibility, Where We Wish To Remain, Ordinary Angel, Guy On the Wall, Violently
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