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Open Soul


Open Soul Tracklisting

1.   Fireball
2.   Headin’ For A Fall
3.   Crazy In Love Prelude
4.   Crazy In Love
5.   The Last Stop
6.   Plan B
7.   Stumble Through The Dance
8.   European Child
9.   C’mon Legs
10. Twisted Heart
11. Open Soul
12. Connect

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Open Soul boasts an energetic combination of the band’s classic pop soul sound and fresh, crisp and sometimes stripped down production – think crunchy, soulful guitar riffs in the same sonic vicinity as wailing trumpet solos.  The album features familiar sounding Hue and Cry jewels like the opening track ‘Fireball’ and the title track ‘Open Soul’, but also features a cover version of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ which has had the vote of confidence from the lady herself!


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